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It's all good. Everything. The images of course! The commentary on the backstage items, the captions on the sets ...I even like to read your FAQs once in a while. Everybody seems so PLEASANT and INTELLIGENT. You just seem to be folk who like their work and each other and my do you put out a fine product!

For once I finally feel like there is a website that understands me! I have always admired most the very things that are the focus of this site, regular girls and the the beauty of there imperfections. No cookie-cutter models, no airbrushing. I once thought I was alone (or in very limited company) in my admiration of the REAL female form, complete with all of the quirks and imperfections. The goosebumps on beautiful skin, large puffy nipples on small breasts, the tiny hairs on a breast or surrounding a bumpy areola, or the sexy curvature of a full-figured woman, just to name a few. These women are absolutely gorgeous! And the are treated as such, which is the best part. That sealed the deal. This is the greatest website I have ever seen, bar none!

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Oh my goodness! Let me tell you, I have viewed and joined MANY adult sites, and am somewhat of a porn enthusiast. Really, this site goes beyond porn, and delivers a natural crisp clear look at very hot and REAL looking women in honest and natural sexual acts. After viewing this site, I now know what I have been missing, and typical "porn" no longer appeals to me. This is what I have been looking for! Truly a masterpiece. The only thing better than this would be if the girls were at my house. But actually, the photographers and directors do such a good job of capturing everything, it would almost ruin it for them to be here live, if that makes sense. Absolutely astonishing, very provocative, and extremely sexual in a natural and...horny way! Thank you!!!!

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I absolutely love this website. The detail in the hi-res pictures is absolutely amazing, not to mention the sheer beauty of the models. What really blew me away was being able to count the taste buds on a models tongue while she's licking another girls pussy. I must make it to OZ some day, but I'll have to run out and buy a terabyte drive just to store the photos and videos I'm downloading first :). I could go on for hours, but the quality of the photography just blows my mind. Please keep up the good work.

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